Can you hear me now?

TALK isn’t cheap on this phone – the world’s most expensive mobile worth £5MILLION.
The iPhone 4 is wrapped in 500 flawless cut diamonds, totalling 100 carats.
It has two interchangeable diamonds for the “home” button, together worth more than £4million.
Liverpool designer Stuart Hughes, 38, was commissioned to make it by a wealthy Australian.
Stuart, a phone jeweller since 2003, said: “I doubt it will get used because it is worth so much money.”

This iPhone 4 is a symbol of just how insecure some people are. I am willing to bet this gem encrusted communication device will only pick up calls from The Damtshaa diamond mine located in Botswana – or perhaps the “Crater of Diamonds”, located in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. After-all, why bother with calling us peons who think rhinestones and cubic zirconia dangling from ears and, dare I say bellybuttons, are worth those precious mobile minutes. You can bet this bit of extravagant, modern-day megaphone will be locked up in some ‘strong room’ with Lloyds of London carrying the paper.

My old flip phone works fine, I even wipe it down so I can see the tiny screen with my dog’s puss staring back at me. Once in awhile I give the phone a special treat and make a call to MO, you know that great state with that fabulous arch. I see it blinking at me from the charger – green light. Gotta go.


I Love it When you Talk Back!

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