Black Friday

Black Friday.
To the uninitiated it might mean a new horror flick, a novel about despair or the name of the winners in a battle of the bands contest. But to retailers, it’s the biggest shopping day event of the coming holiday. Putting retailers in the financial black, blotting out that bright red which has been plaguing them for months.

One day after Thanksgiving brick and mortar stores, along with cyber shops, hope to hear that ring. Not of Christmas carols, not of sleigh bells but that Cha-Ching in the register. The soft slide of plastic and yes, even cold hard cash – worth less and less each year.

In the holiday spirit, you might think about this video and ask yourself, is it worth the price – and the risk?


3 comments on “Black Friday

  1. We went to Best Buy today to buy a computer for hubby. I had done the research, we knew what he wanted. After about spending 15 to 20 minutes with the salesman, he came back with – sorry, it’s not in stock. I asked if we could buy the demo model and get discount. He came back, no manager on the floor to make that decision.

    He said come back on BLACK FRIDAY for some crazy sales. Well, I told him what I thought about Black Friday and how nuts people get. He confided to me that the computer would only be reduced by $20.00 on that day. Another salesman came over and tried to sell us something comparable – right. The they said the model we really wanted won’t be in until next year – funny, Fry’s has it now.

    Back home, online to the Dell sight and a few clicks and the puter will be here soon. No shipping and $100.00 less than Frys.

  2. I hate shopping any more at any time of the year. Crappy sales people, crappy prices, etc. I have never gone shopping on Black Friday in my life. Never, and wouldn’t now for sure. When I had the money to shop, I bought fall stuff in the spring and spring stuff in the fall to get the best prices on every thing. I want to go to the stores when the fewest amount of people are there. lol

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