Please Vote for Max – Photo Contest

Another photo contest needs your vote

I need your Vote – please

Once again our local paper is running a photo contest. I have placed in the final 10 for the last two years , thanks to your help. This year the contest features photos of your PET. Our rescue dog, Max is on the 3rd. page, scroll down. He is on the cover of the fake magazine (photoshopped) Dog World.

You have to register to VOTE and can VOTE 10 times per day for Max. If you want to search for him by name, he will be the 4th. dog named Max on the drop down list of names.. I am attached his picture so you can see this handsome boy for yourself.

Thanks for making Max a winner and don’t forget to visit your local animal shelter when looking to adopt a pet. Happy tails!


4 comments on “Please Vote for Max – Photo Contest

  1. Andrea, I just sent you a friend’s request on FB and thought I’d have a chance to attach a note, but no luck. Saw you on Nailbites and found your FB and this site interesting with some things in common. It’s first of all always great to find a follower of Jesus Christ, PLUS someone who is close to my age AND out there making it happen. It’s always a bit uncomfortable friending somebody you don’t know, but what the heck, it’s the Internet. Oh, gosh, it’s 10:25 and I’m missing Storage Wars…can’t believe I like that show! It’s grown on me. My husband thinks it all made up. Who knows. And I’ll vote for Max. I have 4 rescues myself.

  2. Good Morning and thanks for voting for Max – and for all you do for the dogs you rescued. If you look at my Friends on Facebook, you’ll know who I am. Even though I’m not a ‘biker’ I do work for Bikers for Christ and Rushing Wind Ministries, the mother Biker Church for BFC. Most of the friends on FB are Christians and bikers within different ministries.

    Can’t blame you for liking Storage Wars – I’m hooked, like millions of others, on Pawn Stars, American Pickers, just getting into American Restoration. Plus, NCSI, Law and Order SVU, Survivor and on the side of me, HGTV Income Property.

    Have finished my novel, but . . . started a sequel but . . .

    Again, thanks for the note and the votes. Unfortunately, this is not about the best picture, it’s about how many people you can get to vote for you. I put it on FB, but I know people are busy and can’t take the time, so you are appreciated. Blessings from California.

  3. Andrea,
    I can’t get the link to open to vote for Max. Can you send it over again, maybe that will help.
    Don’t have a blog yet, working on learning Word Press. I’m in the “process” for many things that will come to fruition in the next couple months…maybe three. And will gladly keep you posted. Wish the kids would stop fighting on Pawn Stars, that’s getting on my last nerve…later. I’ll be uupdating my profit pic, too.
    Send the link over.

  4. Hi,
    Here’s the link – – and you have to register and have a password. I have two email addresses so I signed up twice, I think most everyone who knows how to work the system does this.

    I am not fond of Rick’s son, Big Hoss on Pawn Stars – he really annoys me, too arrogant. So I know what you mean.

    Took me awhile to get the hang of WP – was on VOX before and it was much better, you could add stuff without upgrading to pay for videos or music. If it isn’t on Youtube, WP won’t let you put it on.
    I have 31, I think videos of my stuff on Youtube – screen name is Onedeliciousmac – which refers to my iMac puter. Here’s one link –

    Keep looking up,

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