At the Dog Park – May I vent, please?

I rarely write anything personal, or vent but today was just one of those days. I didn’t think I got up on the wrong side of the bed – if I did it would mean doing great bodily harm as the bed is against one wall. Okay, so I have queen size bed in a room with a 7 foot work station desk with a computer, printer, TV and a night table. Plus an executive swivel chair, and at times a Shepherd/Hound who gets as close to the wheels on my chair as possible. And a husband who snores, in the other bedroom.

Six-thirty, Max is up looking for his food, coffee is on and hubby is getting dressed. Everyday starts the same. By 7AM, it’s off to the dog park for my hubby and Max. I usually stay home, make the beds, check my email, and in general enjoy my freshly brewed coffee in my nifty electric percolator. Don’t laugh, you will never go back to Mr. Coffee again. Gotta have beans to grind and . . . I digress.

Dog Heaven

So it’s Sunday, the one day of the week I travel along to get a paper and take Max to the dog park. There is only one dog there, his name is Trip and he’s part Shepherd and part Shar Pei , he and his owner are regulars. Trip ignores Max, Max ignores Trip who wants nothing more than to chase a ball while Max is frantically chasing cars from inside the double gated, fenced-in park.

Gonna catch it - someday!

It’s still early and most people don’t get to the park before 8AM. But, today a young man came in with a beautiful, energetic dog, either a Shepherd or a Belgian Malinois – and one adorable Shih-Tzu. Too cuteThe new big guy was another, ignore the dogs, just chase the ball kind of guy. The tiny pup decided it was his job to try and catch Max as he tried to catch cars, trucks and motorcycles. I said, tried.

All was well as dogs flew back and forth sounding like thundering hooves on a fast track – poetic liberty. Then I heard Max barking at something on the other side of the busy highway. It was a woman pushing a stroller with one hand and a dog in tow with the other. One of the regulars said the woman never comes into the park. Must have been my fault, I thought as I watched her cross the highway, a block away from a traffic light which, I thought would have provided safety. She then enter into the first gate to the park.

One of the regulars said he was going to open the second gate since the woman looked as if she were going to bring in the stroller, with a baby about 4 months old into the park. I said I would assist her and walked to the gate and spoke, what I thought was out of kindness, to her. Would she like me to watch the baby outside the gate while she brought her medium sized dog into the park. I alluded to the rules posted in front of her in large letters that asked people not to bring young children. Never mind BABIES! Which I didn’t shout at the top of my lungs, believe me – I wanted to.

You would have thought I wanted to steal her child, and sell it and the dog on EBay in China. She was indignant and said “I’m not concerned.” Well, I was very troubled as I wondered what would happen if any one of the three dogs speeding past me at Mach 9 accidentally ran into the stroller. This was a disaster waiting to happen. Can you say 911, Animal Control, Swat Team and the dreaded word – Law Suit? Not to mention what harm could have been done to the baby. Not one to want to see any of these dogs put down because some woman, who had already put her and the child at risk crossing the highway, wanted to make another unwise decision.

I’m not sure if common sense kicked or what happened. But she said she would just take her dog down the trail to the children’s park below – where no dogs are allowed.

The gentleman who was going to let her in asked me what I said to her to make her leave. I relayed the tale, he agreed that I had done what I could to keep everyone safe.

Another mug of coffee, with creamy French Vanilla was waiting at home, and along with the newspaper full of coupons I tried to make sense of what happened. Did I do something wrong? The woman’s attitude toward me bothered me all day. I was only looking out for her and her child – why wasn’t she?


Disclaimer – The only actual “Dog Park story dog” pictured is Max. The identity of all others has been changed to protect the innocent. And me.


8 comments on “At the Dog Park – May I vent, please?

  1. Don’t you just love those types? Rules are for other people. I can’t be bothered to read that sign. The world owes me a favor…….the crosswalk is too far away for me, that car had better stop or else. Sheesh.

    I have more dog stories than you can imagine. People around here ignore the state laws, the town laws *and* they walk past “No Dogs Allowed” signs in parks and let their dogs run wild and jump on people, gleefully giggling as though it’s funny.

  2. Thank you, Emmy. I hate to say this, but there seem to be more people who go by the – just go with the flow or no harm, no foul. Laws, rules and common sense be darned.

    After reading your blog, I wanted to start composting immediately. But, we live in a second story condo with no yard – just the canyon below, full of coyotes, rabbits, rattlesnakes, raccoons and other critters too numerous to mention. Kudos to you for your conservation efforts.

  3. Ha, go with the flow, exactly. It’s a new-agey kind of thinking that uses no common sense. Maybe some people are just narcissistic. It certainly seems that way.

    Re: the composting – there is a no meat, no cheese method that most people use, and I think that is what keeps the pile from attracting animals. The veggie matter only attracts bugs.

    But it sounds like you live in an truly wild area! I don’t know if I could live out West – it’s stark. And easterners like me feel nervous around the open spaces, whereas I heard folks out West are driven nuts by our claustrophobic forests. Anyway – yes thank you, I think we both know how to live mindfully. 🙂

  4. …And yes, the compost pile requires some land unless you get a compost barrel. It’s easier in New England or other places with fields and shrubland.

  5. Ah, New England – I am from CT, spent half my life in Stratford and Failfield. I am laughing about your comment – it’s not really the wild west here. It’s a beach community – well, the ocean is 4 miles from our condo. But, there are a number of canyons, the real saving grace about being here. I’ll send you some shots of the area by our place.

    I can be at WalMart in 4 minutes, depending on the traffic, and to COSTCO in about 7 minutes. I’m about 6 minutes from a major hospital and about 3 minutes from supermarkets, the mall, the movie theater and doctor’s, dentists etc.

    Enjoy October for me – jump in a pile of leaves and come November, go pine cone picking for me and make a wreath – miss that stuff:)

  6. Ha, will do! Not looking forward to another winter (I forgot you are from CT, my family started out there) and yes I will enjoy the oranges and reds, the wonderful Fall vegetables, not so much the cooler weather since I prefer tropical, but it is a fun time of year. And thanks, I would enjoy seeing photos.

  7. From what I can gather, you did nothing wrong and everything right. Her baby was definitely at risk, and the sign did state “no young children” – perhaps she thought her baby didn’t come into that category! 😉 You just can’t please some people.
    By the way, thanks for the follow on my blog!

  8. Since the new sign went up regarding supervision of children – on the front gate – I am hopeful parents will take care. Your welcome for the follow. TB1


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