A Boost Bra for who?

The following may be viewed as false and mischievous information designed to thwart consumer sales. Or, it just may make you angry, disturbed and downright furious!

Online Editor

Online Editor

Back in the day, okay so ancient history to some of you, going back to school included getting a notebook, , some new or hand-me-down clothes and maybe a lunch box – or a new supply of brown paper lunch sacks and wax paper for sandwiches. Yes, they still sell wax paper.

Today, youngsters may be heading off with an iPad in a backpack, a can of Red Bull, a pair of  $150.00 sneakers and a gift card for lunch at McDonald’s . That is unless you have a seven-year old girl going into second grade and wanting a Boost Bra! What? Must be a typo, must be a seventeen-year-old senior. How dare you make such a hideous mistake. Well, what started as thongs and padded bra swim suits for your seven to ten-year olds has blossomed into sales of Boost Bras for the teenie weenie set.

In our Sunday paper today, while searching for sales and coupons, I skimmed through the Back to School ad for kids. The usual mix – then my eyes nearly bugged out of my head, which is difficult to do while wearing cheaters, glasses that is to you. What did my wandering eyes focus like a laser on? Well, you guessed it, bras for seven to ten-year olds. I wanted to run over to Kohls and hide every piece of, what looked like adult, underwear, in some place where they would never be found. Or, just scurry into the rest room and flush and flush and – well, you get the picture.

This bothered me all day, so here I am getting it off my chest, so to speak. If you have a little girl, please do not give into her “All my friends are wearing them,” squeals. Why can’t Hollywood, manufacturers and the music industry just be thankful for little girls and stop sexualizing them. Unfortunately, it’s the bottom line – profit motive regardless of values and who might be damaged. Buy your seven-year-old something age appropriate for going back to school – any suggestions?


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