Carlsbad Lagoon and the grandkids.

With school starting next week, and a coupon in hand, we headed off for the Carlsbad Lagoon Water Sports and some fast pedaling – or paddling. Always wanted to try the Aqua Cycle – those big bright orange balloon looking tires and that slow speed. Well, you can peddle like crazy and still not get too far too fast and with wave runners and boats kicking up some surf, you get a nice little jolt. Not really anything to make you seasick. We also took out a 4 seater pedal boat.

The day was pretty busy as a corporate picnic was also in full tilt, lots of people, music and activity. Of course, I was always behind the camera, unless pumping my bare tootsies for all they were worth. Amazing thing, I could still walk the next day.

This is something I have wanted to do for years since the lagoon is just a few miles from the house. Hope you enjoy the video.


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