And they taste like chicken?

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While out with our dog, we came upon this fungus among us – quite beautiful and edible,so they say.

A little info I found on this treasure on the trail.

Saprophytic fungi are the largest group of fungi, they growing on dead organic matter such as fallen trees, cow patties, dead leaves, and even dead insects and animals. These fungi have enzymes that work to “rot” or “digest” the cellulose and lignin found in the organic matter, with the lignin being an important source of carbon for many organisms. Without their digestive activities, organic material would continue to accumulate until the forest became a huge rubbish dump of dead leaves and trees.

These edible mushrooms are conspicuous and not easily confused with other fungi,  with their brilliant orange-red caps and pale sulphur-yellow pore surfaces. The sulphur shelf is a bracket fungus that grows on both living and dead tree  trunks and on stumps and logs.  It is parasitic to live plants and saprophytic (drawing nutrients from decaying material) on dead plants. The sulfur shelf always grows on wood, usually in large masses of overlapping caps. It has no  stem; the cap is attached directly to the wood. The pores are tiny. When cooked, sulfur shelf mushrooms have the texture and often the taste of chicken, hence the common names.


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