Photoshop Elements – or Too much time on my hands . . .

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Some days you just want to chill, and for me that might mean attempting to do something weird in Photoshop Elements. There are numerous videos on YouTube, one I like is how to extract a woman with flying locks out of the background. Well, fine if the background is white or another solid color. There was a copy of a model to practice on, so I decided to take it a little further.

Then my grandson and his mom were here taking pictures with that nice little app called, Photo Booth on my iMac. The pics are not great quality, so with a little help from some borrowed on-line art, I chilled some more.

Hope you enjoy this rather weird, but fun for me, attempt. A straight line between two points might be just right for some, but I like to zig zag – makes the journey more interesting.

Here’s the video regarding hair removal. See what I mean?


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