– Attack of the American Bulldog –

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Around 7:15PM last evening, I was coming down our side street with our dog Max, who was on a leash. Coming up the street, in the middle of the road, was one of our neighbors with her two dogs, a beefy, male, American Bulldog and a female boxer. Both dogs were on a leash. As neighbors, we greeted each other.

Out of the blue, the wide-body bulldog lunged for Max, pulling the owner down in the street, dragging her to get to Max, and nearly knocking me over. The bulldog then proceeded to viciously attack our dog. Anyone who lived in the area, must have heard us screaming!

I thought the bulldog would kill Max. The owner, a very strong young woman, pulled and tugged, I kicked the bulldog, praying it would not turn and attack or bite my leg off. A man who had been near by came over to see what was happening. I don’t think he wanted to try to break it up. Not that I could blame him.

It all happened so fast, I had the leash, a flashlight and a poop bag – even if I had pepper spray, which was at home, I would not have been able to use it in the dark with all the commotion. Terrified, is putting it mildly.

Thank God, we got them apart – now Max has some wounds and went to the Vet this morning. The worst of it is under his belly, where I couldn’t get a decent picture. A $350.00 bill for this attack, which was unprovoked.

We all love our dogs, but they are still animals and can turn even when you think you are in control.


5 comments on “– Attack of the American Bulldog –

  1. Ha! I get it. Your have a good sense of humor. Your slide show was not immediately obvious to me until I read the post. Of course, i sympathize with your poor dog. Glad he survived the encounter. Usually it’s the small dog who is more aggressive. My little spaniel jumped up and tried to take a bite out of a standard poodle’s crotch. Next time around the poodle tried to bite my dog’s head off. What with spaniels so hairy, all the poodle got was some hair. I never let Reggie near the poodle again.

  2. I just came back with Max and hubby – it’s very dark here and now I don’t want to go alone because of that bully dog. I just got a call from someone trying to help who said the owner is not wanting to pay the Vet bill, even though she told me that night that she would. Can you small claims court? Hope not. Max is doing much better, but he hates that collar thing, talk about going ‘bump’ in the night.

  3. Wow — that’s really scary. Is your neighbor going to pick up the tab for the attack? I think they should.

    We have a neighbor that has a rescue German Shepherd that goes berserk any time it sees another dog. Fortunately he always has it on a short leash and able to be controlled. I swear if that dog ever attacks Penny or either of us, I’ll have it put down.

  4. Have not heard re: VET bill – working on a resolution. It’s hard to see your dog torn up . Rescue dogs, like ours and that shepherd, all have quirks that have come from who knows where. But, some are more dangerous than others. Hugs and a belly rub for Penny.

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