Where did this leaf come from?

While walking on a trail near the beach with hubby and Max, I found some wonderful, but small pieces of driftwood and some flowers (ragweed really) that I thought would look great scanned. Not. I think I do best with things that lie flat on the flatbed. Disappointed.

Then I found one colorful leaf in our driveway, where it blew in from I have to wonder – this is Southern CA and nothing much looks like New England in the Fall. It scanned better than the driftwood, which was blurry due to it’s uneven shape and now I’m off to hunt for a veggie to scan before I cook it.


7 comments on “Where did this leaf come from?

  1. Love this! And love that you scanned it. I live in Santa Fe, NM, and we really don’t have great colored leaves here, so when I see a red, shapely leaf, I get so excited, and I just look around trying to find the tree. So I know how you felt. Hope you found a vegetable to scan! 🙂

  2. I am amazed at how many people are discovering that the scanner can be used for more than docs. It needs to be really dark when you scan, lid up. I use a black umbrella, drape a dark towel , close the blinds and still need to use the levels and other controls which came with the software scanner.

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