Friday Drabble reposted –

Somehow, slip of the finger, I deleted last Friday’s Drabble. I am only reposting because I noticed it showed up in a Google Drabble search for images.For some reason, the images in my gallery won’t let me insert as a slide show now.

Will have a new Drabble on Friday, already in the can, so to speak.

She had broken his heart, ran off with the key. His rental had multiple locks, security risk high. Keys turned, tumblers clicked. On her way out last night, clad only in something gauzey and a bad attitude, she pilfered his car key and safe deposit box key. He staggered to the window, heard the resonance of his 57 Vet. It squealed to a stop and picked up an unsavory character.

For his achievements, a Key to the City. For hers, a prison key in the hand of one who might do favors.

“Yes, Senator? Got it covered, we’ll be discrete.”


I Love it When you Talk Back!

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