Friday Drabble – The Call

Decided to post this early – call it a Double Drabble week-end.I actually got this call and managed to capture the essence of it – ya think?

And here’s the text –

“Hello, this is Jennifer. And so you know, this is NOT a sales call.”

Maybe not, but it was one of those automated voices. You know the kind.

The old lady decided to bite – cranky, but bored.

“You have been chosen to take a 30 second survey on the country’s economic debt crisis.”

Bring it on, she thought. Her Social Security in jeopardy she wanted her say.

“For your participation, you’ll received a free two day cruise to the Bahamas.”

The questions were skewed, she kept punching buttons. Daydreaming.

Something worked. The ship glorious. The cabana boy, she tipped well.


4 comments on “Friday Drabble – The Call

  1. Nice production. Great imagination. I actually think that I have been to that hotel. But then again, maybe it was Bermuda. A lot of the hotels are pink aren’t they?

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