Friday Drabble – Spam A Lot

Spam is more than cheap to eat – it fills up your folder with some of the strangest tasting stuff. Here’s my take in Spam A Lot. Text below.

My Lumineers were dazzling as I faced the camera on A college graduate, I had a Dental Plan, Auto Insurance, a 100 Day loan and a Genie Bra. Assured, the Bureau of Reporting would do a Background Check.

Mr. Liu Wang, from Direct Buy responded to my video, offered to pay for a LifeStyle Lift, and take me to Victoria’s Secret. I knew the type, a Groupon groupie.

I wanted LouisVuitton, Prada, not a ShoeBuy deal. This guy must be on Legal Prozac.

eHamony? Hmmm ZOOSK was for kids.

Downloaded -a Restaurant coupon, headed to local club.


4 comments on “Friday Drabble – Spam A Lot

  1. Good eats, for some people. I think I remember my mother buying this years ago – many years ago. A Spam Tat is mild compared to some of the tats I’ve seen on the biker crowd.

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