Black Friday

If you have the time, watch this ten minute video and then compare what’s happening on Black Friday with the Occupy Wall Street movement. We are living in a time like no other, if you think the protesters are just a passing phase, think again. This is a mob mentality on a rampage – they may have somethings you agree with, but bottom line is they are beginning to start a revolution. We can agree to disagree – time will certainly tell.


2 comments on “Black Friday

  1. I agree that we may disagree. See my blog posts on Imaged Event. It includes three visits to Occupy Wall St (OWS), a visit to Occupy St Louis, an observation of Occupy Harford (CT), and an up close view of a protester’s arrest. You would not be able to conclude that this group is anything like the shopping video of Black Friday.

    And when Mayor Bloomberg cleaned out Zuccotti Park, he cleaned out that element of the fringe, homeless, addict, and anarchist. OWS and the people gathered have become hope again. See the pictures and see the faces. Some are fresh-faced college kids.

    I have seen OWS evolve. You may not agree on the politics, but I emphasize that these are very real ordinary citizens who have a wish to be heard. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you if they are Democratic or Republican. And, I say this because on my second visit I witnessed a march and demonstration calling out President Obama. See the picture, it’s there.

    I don’t have sound bites. Pictures are not words describing an event as much as they are an invitation for the viewer to draw his/her own conclusion. Time will indeed tell. A few knuckleheads here and there will always be opportunists to the occasion. Look closely, it’s America there in Zuccotti Park, and St Louis, and what I saw (no pics) in Hartford.

  2. SO… the zombie uprising is already taking place. And this is a very serious remark.

    One thing about the occupy movement, they are not looking to fix the system, they are looking to replace it. Something everyone seems to overlook. It is too broken to fix, it must be made anew.

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