This is the America I love

In August of 2010, Glenn Beck held his Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, DC. A firm hired by CBS News estimated the crowd at between 78,000 and 96,000. There were no arrests, not one scrap of paper was left for the Park Service to clean. No one left human waste, there were no rapes, drug use or the need for the police to pepper spray attendees.

Say what you will about the rally, about the Tea Party or Christians, this is the America I love, the country where decent, hard working people are responsible for their own successes or failures. WHile the Occupy Wall Street protesters have some valid concerns, some which many people share, they are costing cities a fortune in clean-up, along with the escalating cost of added law-enforcement.

Take the fight to the ballot box, get involved on a local level to make changes. Know what you believe and pursue your vision in a law-abiding, respectable way.

Again, there will be many different opinions about this movement. This is just mine as all of us can still exercise the freedom to speak our minds – at least for now.


4 comments on “This is the America I love

  1. I have no problem with the Occupiers protesting what they think is inequality in America. I do have a problem with them commandeering public places, using them indefinitely and expecting the rest of us to pick of the check.

  2. It was Obama who said, to Joe the plumber, ” We need to spread the wealth around.” The protesters call what we have is inequality, what they really want is cradle to grave care from the nanny state.

    How many of these young people are still living at home, staying on their parent’s health insurance until age 26. Letting mommy do their laundry while they rack up student loans, which will be forgiven if they work for the government for ten years after graduation. How can so many protesters not be working? One guy who was interviewed said he quit his job to join the be-in, sit-in or whatever you want to call it. QUIT HIS JOB! As John Stossel says “Give me a break.”

  3. I thought “Joe” belonged to McCain and Palin. It’s easy to pick on one or two people, but they are not a representative example or even a reasonable sample of the whole. See the faces. I have some nuts. They’re photogenic. But mostly you see everyday Americans. Every movement gathers some nuts, fringe radicals. Republicans and conservatives have their own examples. Either extreme will not prevail. It’s the middle ground that determines the winner. The news is “Man bites dog” not the converse.

  4. I also dismiss most of the Occupiers as disenchanted college students that were always told they were “special”, always got a trophy for showing up and now are having reality hit them square in the jaw. It’s a rude awakening.

    That said, I do think that the most legitimate gripe of the Occupiers is that society is no longer a reasonable representation of the level-playing field that the American Dream is built upon — the idea that if you work hard you can “make it”. Now, it seems as if the system is rigged against most people for the benefit of a few.

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