Friday Drabble – The Day Before Thanks

Friday Drabble . . .

The day before Thanks,
No creature alive,
Both the rat in the attic
and the turkey had died.

When what did I hear
From the bedroom so still,
the sound of my husband,
“The internet’s nil.”

Now the TV’s gone black,
Can this be the end?
I crawl neath the desk,
my back does a bend.

The modem so black,
Router so blue
No lights are blinking,
what can I do?

Technical support,
Oh no, how absurd.
“No signal, no signal”
from Bombay I heard.

Swiftly assessed,
The rat ate the cable.
Thank God for turkey
which graces our table.

True story – except the rat turned out to be a two legged kind who “accidently” disconnected our cable from the outside box. The smell of a dead rat in the attic still lingers and the turkey who gave his all, is shrinking. Enjoy.


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