Blogfestivus – Day 2: UPS Delivers

Dejected and broke, I sat on the stoop. The UPS truck, now know as ‘Brown’ rolled into view. Was it bringing me holiday cheer? Or an order from Etsy, or eBay. The driver motored slowly, but didn’t stop. From the back of the truck someone dropped off a crate. A cooOOoo-woo-woo-woooo floated up through silver wires, feathers of white ticked my nose.

Two turtledoves were making love in plain sight, a hand written note was attached to the cage. The doves were busy, they didn’t mind as I pried open the note. I checked for the sender’s name, my thoughts were interrupted. Brown backed up, slowing again. Horrible sounds of limbs being torn, and kuta, kut, kut, filled the street.

I heard as the driver pulled out of sight.
“Here’s that dumb partridge, your pear tree,
and to all a goodnight.


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