Blogfestivus – The First Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas
The IRS sent to me
One enormous bill to see

The mail box was stuffed with season’s greetings, last year’s fruitcake and something not joyful, not worthy of Hail to the King, and especially not deserving of Silent Night.

“This letter accompanies a report giving you a computation of the proposed adjustments to your tax return. It informs you of the courses of action to take if you do not agree with the proposed adjustments. “

Who could sleep after clutching one’s chest, doing a face-plant on the hardwoods and bawling like a baby. Having the kids find me in a fetal position, sucking my thumb under the Tannenbaum does not make for a Christmas memory scrapbook. Nor do I care to see this on YouTube, Facebook or that ‘tweet’ thing.

“Ethel, more rum in that egg nog, please.”



4 comments on “Blogfestivus – The First Day of Christmas

  1. Interesting concept…that guy is the poster boy for middle-manangment everywhere.

    I guess the IRS ate the pear and tossed the partridge in jail for tax evasion??? 😉

  2. Just you wait . . . . I’ll catch up with that misstep. I thought, at first, that guy in the video was a hoax – could this really be someone credible? Think Barney Frank or . . .

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