Blogfestivus –

On the Third Day of Christmas

Two, yet still attractive, middle-aged women sat at a secluded table in the bistro. A white linen tablecloth, fine china, sparkling crystal and a waiter named, Amadour at the ready.

“Marlena, why are you so upset?” The older of the two, dressed in holiday red, reached across the table and took the hand of her friend.

With tears welling, and lips quivering, Marlena pushed a copy of a credit card expenditure across the table. “See for yourself, how could he do this to me? How?”

“More wine, Madam?” With a nod from Marlena, Amadour poured a pricey Chardonay – and let his hand linger.

“I know Kenneth was in Paris, but what does this receipt have to do with your emotional state? This looks like a bill from a restaurant.”

“So it would seem. Why would anyone pay $1,000.00 for three French Hens?”


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