Blogfestivus – 4th Day of Christmas

For Calling Birds

Such a racket. They were all vocalizing, singing and squawking to an unknown melody. They had their own way of expressing a call, so distinct, who could really imitate it?

Man has always pretended to be able to fly, donned wings and other contraptions to make himself more birdlike. Yes, he could capture updrafts in a glider, he could base jump, but with all his trying – there was still nothing like a bird. One soaring and screaming out it’s place in the heavens.

Beaks, feathers, and talons. All designed to attract a mate – or repel an enemy. Colors which no palette of oils can adequately produce. Existing in remote places, some may never be seen.

Then came man’s compulsion, and attempt at mocking birds. It might in in the wild, in the office lunchroom or, heaven forbid, to win a contest For Calling Birds.

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