Blogvestivus – The 5th Day of Christmas

Five Golden Rings

Jack and Jill had been up – and over the hill for nearly a year. She was, cute, sassy and could be a little pouty when she didn’t get what she wanted. Which happened, but not too often. Now Jack, that was a different package all together. A chemical engineer, straight as an arrow, and actually not Jill’s type. At least that’s what her closest confidant told her. But Jack did have this quirky sense of humor, sometimes refreshing, but sometimes beyond Jill’s comprehension. And, he did walk her dog, Fluffy.

Jill had great expectations for Christmas. There had been little gifts during the year, but now she wanted gold. Big decision. Earrings, a bracelet or necklace? An engagement ring or anklet?

Jill gushed as Jack handed her a box – warm to the touch. Odd. Then she bite into the best 5 Golden Rings ever.


5 comments on “Blogvestivus – The 5th Day of Christmas

  1. I really like the festive Christmas look of your blog. I too had a Sammy named Brea, but I referred to her as Fuzzy Muffin. They are the cutest of puppies.

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