Blogfestivus 7th Day

Seven Swans A-Swimming

The young women had been training for this day since they were toddlers.
Every blister, every injury and bit of criticism was about to pay off.

The New York City Ballet was holding auditions for Swan Lake, one of the most beloved works in the world of dance. Expectations ran high as decisions about wearing the right tutu, tights and toe shoes were made. Hair was important, to plait or to pull close to the nap of the neck. They had kept a strict regime of diet and dance.

Who would make up the company of white swans, and would one of them ever attain the role of the Black Swan – possibly never.

Not one of them were cast. Downtrodden, they took to the water and became a company of Seven Swans a-Swimming. And became world famous as they performed here and abroad.


2 comments on “Blogfestivus 7th Day

  1. I was going to do something ballet-themed, too! Great minds and all that. But then something happened with my whole “getting an iPod” situation and I went with that. Nice images, as always!

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