Blogfestivus – 8th. Day of Christmas

Eight Maids A-Milking

A small gathering in black and white. A few in brown and beige, nevertheless they had a voice in this complaint. This was serious business. Some unionized, others in private service, all chambermaids of one ilk or another.

Some sat with hands folded, others leaned against the door with hands on hips, hoping this caper would work. They had chosen to listen to one who had much to offer in the way of REVENGE!

Tired of Motel 6 clean-ups and meager tips from the rich and famous, this group wanted action. A few worked on estates in the Hamptons, minor complaints – no fraternizing with the chauffeur.

The concept was simple. There would be eight maids a-milking every hotel, motel and private employer. A few dollars here, a bracelet there – and, perhaps a husband along the way.

Unfortunately, one was carrying a badge.


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