Blogfestivus 9th. Day of Christmas

“I’m not sure we’re gonna find what we’re looking for?” The man with the cigar hanging out of his mouth looked a little jaded. They had been auditioning at the Boom Boom Theater for two weeks and still didn’t have a class act. Sure, there were plenty of babes, but everything seemed old.

“Maybe it’s you, Joe. I mean how many years have you been doing this.”

Walt was much younger, had ideas of his own. But for now, he was willing to let the old man make the decisions. Trouble was, the theater needed something fresh. Something that would appeal to a new audience, if you know what I mean.

One after another the girls lined up, kicking, spinning and smiling. A gust of wind blew the theater doors open.

The new dancers had arrived and Walt knew that the future was his.

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