Blogfestivus – The 10th Day of Christmas

It was a large family. Not many would care to take on all these boys, especially since they were so close in age. Sylvia and Chester had the funds and wanted to invest in the future. Both were former Olympic champions, she as a gymnast and he as a runner. Their medals hung over the natural stone fireplace in the great room,an encouragement to their adopted sons.

On the expansive property, a huge gymnasium allowed the youngsters to build muscle and expertise. For some odd reason, they all chose the same sport. All excelled, which made Sylvia and Chester Lords confident in the attainment of more medals.

One by one, the boys qualified. There was, Acton Beaumont, Cristofer, Daubeney, Essex, Fulbert, Gorham, Hartwell, Irwyn and Jennison.

The games began. You could hear the crowds cheering. The ten Lords a-Leaping were going for gold.


3 comments on “Blogfestivus – The 10th Day of Christmas

  1. Thanks, this was for the guys. My husband is a USC grad – so the b&w pic was of Bill Grabber a 1933 champ from USC.  I’m going to see if this attachment works. There is no way to add a pic in the comments section, I wish they would change that. Adding the videos at least is still available.



    * Keep Looking Up *


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