Blogfestivus 11th. Day

– 11 Pipers Piping –

“Listen Joe, you gotta join.” Mike Marusco had been a union member for a few years and was trying to convince his buddy to sign up. He liked the benefits, the pay – although there were some things going on he didn’t want to know about. Or better talk about.

“Not me, I’m moving outta here, moving to a RTW state. No one’s going to tell me where and when I can work. It’s not worth it, I like being a free man.” Joe Santori had a family, a good trade and knew enough about business to start his own. He knew it was risky, but he would leave the cold weather of the East Coast, and head to Texas.

“You might be sorry, Joe.” said Mike as he walked away.

Six months later, Marusco and ten others were piping at Santori Pipers of Houston.

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