Farewell Festivus

They say that if you do anything for three weeks, it becomes a habit. Well, after twelve days, I became addicted to Blogfestivus. Now I am suffering withdrawals, oh the pain of it.

I woke up this morning and dragged myself to the keyboard. Fingers poised, but what to do. What to write? Sure there was email to answer, site stats  to check.  How could that blond bombshell, Blogdramedy, do this to me, am I completely alone in my doldrums?

I walked our dog Max in the pouring rain, thought about Blogfestivus while slipping a green waste bag from my slicker, filling it and carrying it home like a gift to put under the Festivus pole. Nothing was making sense, my world was tipping, I was on the edge.

But then, I dove headlong into something that would scramble my brain, make me forget about my love affair with Blogfestivus. I decided, for who knows what reason, to upgrade to Final Cut Express. iMovie was getting boring and so I eBayed my way in – software, training video and an almost 500 page training manual. That ought  to do it, no Blogadone for me. Just a good sear on my brain and it would all be over.

I loaded the software and what did I behold? Total ignorance of what to do first.  I had seen some great little vids on Youtube by a guy named Tom W. and ordered his four hour training DVD. Popped that in and knew I’d be accepting that Oscar soon. Blog what, I thought. Must be working.

Oh no, the training video fills my screen and it’s STATIC! It won’t resize or move – and you are supposed to follow along by opening FCE and using his examples as he teaches. I fired off two emails about this – no response. This is not a program you can watch a training video, remember everything and that voila, you’re an expert.

Maybe a manual would be more helpful. I ordered one which had been used, either an educational or library copy. It was in good condition. I noticed that it came with a training DVD and projects to work along with the instructor. Great, this must be my fortuitous day. I flipped to the back and the disc was gone! The beginning of the book was based on the projects on the DVD!

When all else fails, it was back to Youtube and that geeky 10-year-old smarty pants who explains things so even I get it, after awhile. Now that my brain is fried, and my hair looks more like tinsel, I am feeling less addicted.

My dreams will no longer be filled with 144 word count deadlines and visions of Google images and Youtube videos.

Maybe just a few lingering, parting thoughts. Can I cram a partridge, 2 turtledoves, 3 French Hens, 4 Calling Birds, 6 geese and 7 swans in my slow cooker?



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