Pat on the back from WP

I had just posted – Farewell to Blogfestivus – when out of nowhere , Susan Boyle pops up singing to me. I swear someone said “CONGRATULATIONS on your 350th. POST! In a state of shock, and looking for a way out – no escape here, the entire celebration just vanished.

Did I dream this? Has this happened to you? Just asking.


5 comments on “Pat on the back from WP

  1. It might be something new – maybe 350 posts are some kind of milestone. Hope things are rockin’ on that boat. TB1  

    * Keep Looking Up *


  2. I’ve been on WP – a VOX displaced blogger, for 15 months. At that rate, I figure it adds up to about 23.3 posts a month. I know there are others who post daily and must have received so many more visits from Susan Boyle.
    Thanks for taking time to visit and comment.

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