Is WP stats counter broken?

Along with Susan Boyle, I now get more encouraging words from WP – any of you getting this sidebar to urge you to post,post and post?

Now, I have never had more than around 64 people to this blog in a day. So, I am a little suspicious after seeing that 204 visitors felt like taking a look. Was it Tebow, was it Susan Boyle?  Or is WP just wanting to give us a boost by inflating the numbers?

About two weeks ago I posted a Friday Drabble here,  and on YouTube – now there have been 240 hits on it! I think SANTA is up to something. But, I’m not complaining. Just asking, that’s all.


4 comments on “Is WP stats counter broken?

  1. Now that you mention it, I have seen a jump up from 20 to around 60 hits per day. Don’t know. I also have the flag counter. It has tracked about the same. Maybe you’re just popular now more than ever.

  2. Wow. What a nice looking blog you have.

    You should be able to explore your stats a bit and see if you feel the traffic is legit. If referrers also jumped, that’s a good sign. Your search terms activity might also provide a clue what happened.

    A photo on my blog somehow ended up high in Google Image Search for “helicopter accident” so I tend to get some of that traffic every day for visitors who care about helicopters but no so much about my blog. 🙂

    I also saw the “you just posted” cheerleader and thought it was a bit silly. Apparently my next “goal” is always the current post count rounded up to the next multiple of five. I’ll have to watch it more carefully next time I post.

    The music/video thing surprised me the other night. I was listening to Pandora and all of the sudden this other music started playing. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Finally I closed my WordPress tab and the music went away.

    I guess I’m afraid of magic.

  3. Thanks for the compliment – I try to use the few brain cells I have. If magic were real, I would wave my wand over Final Cut Express and make it so easy a child could understand it – Oh, I forgot – it’s the kids tutorials on Youtube which seem to be the most help.

    Yes, a little juvenile on the part of WP to gold star us. BTW, you may have seen that the beginning of a new day for the stats is , at least here, a five hour difference. At 7PM here, CA time, the stats counter starts a new day. I did email Wp to see what country is keeping track.

    Have a wonderful time in the abyss – can you hear me now?

    * Keep Looking Up *


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