My  iMac has a built-in mic, most of the time it’s okay. I bought a cheap mic from China on eBay, but it didn’t work. After some discovery, I found that a Mac needs a USB mic.  That’s when  I got Blue, no not depressed,but  a product called – The Blue Snowball.  One of the best USB microphones out there. If you have a Mac and use iMovie or Final Cut,  Skype or are podcasting,  then having better audio  is desirable.

There are a ton of videos on Youtube about getting Blue – mostly by kids, as usual. I’ll post one so you have an idea of my Blue situation.  This mic looks like a little space cadet, I chose a white Blue to go with my iMac,  must be color- coordinated.

Don’t pay $100.00 as an Apple retailer, go to Amazon and pick yours up for $51.99 – Blue is happy with a Mac or a PC.


3 comments on “AM I BLUE?

  1. I’m guessing by your purchase that you don’t live in Hell. 😉

    Sorry but I couldn’t not make a crack about snowballs and chances.

    PS – it’s very pretty.

  2. I am big on researching stuff for my Mac – the Blue has a great rep with both Mac and PC users, plus you have to love that retro design. Backtrack a little. Initially, I bought a cheapie on ebay – came from Hong Kong – no tax or shipping. But, and not their fault, I didn’t realize – until I found out that a Mac needs a USB mic. This $10.00 one went to my grandson who has a PC, so all was not lost. Yes, I did write to the company and explained that they need to make it clear that the mic only works on a PC. Did I hear back – right.


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