Dog Park scrambles – on a cloudy day

More people are coming to our dog park, it’s been open for a few years and we are seeing quite an increase in activity. Most of the owners I speak with have rescued their pets from various shelters – this is an admirable thing in my estimation. You know there are thousands of animals being put down each day across this country.

Rescued pets are full of surprises, some good, some not so good. But, a loving and loyal companion will eventually evolve with discipline, exercise and affection. Like most, we tend to put those things in reverse – do we love too much? How could we? MAX, OUR RESCUE IS THE ONE DRINKING ALONE AT THE BUCKET.

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5 comments on “Dog Park scrambles – on a cloudy day

  1. Thanks – I wish we could add music and voice over, the only way to do this is when I upload my vids to Youtube and then link them. Unless I pay for an upgrade to WP, it’s impossible.


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