Henry – One BIG Dog

Probably my favorite dog at the dog park is, Henry.  A massive 140 pound   Rottweiler,  Henry is the sweetest dog there. Everyone knows his name,  and worries when he and his owner are no-shows. It wasn’t the best light, and the dog park isn’t very picturesque – but I was hoping for a headshot to add to my dog picture book.  When he leans against you, you better keep your footing – and he loves having his back scratched. He can be a drooler after the water fountain, so  stand back. Will try for a body shot next time.
I took the other shot last week – today I found out that he was given a one day notice by his landlord to get rid of “Rookie” his pitbull. He owns both dogs in this shot, never an issue with either dog at the dog park.

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3 comments on “Henry – One BIG Dog

  1. Had a Rottweiler jump up and put both paws on my shoulders. Thank goodness I knew he was just showing me how much he loved me. Your pictures are very good.

    My youngest daughter rescued a pit bull to go along with her two Alaskan Huskies. The pit bull is the sweetest dog ever! She can’t leave the huskies in the house with the cats, but the pit bull never bothers them.

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