Going Viral

No, not the flu but a Friday Drabble I posted a month ago on Youtube. I’m astounded at the number of views – as of this moment 1,075 people have watched. I am reposting it here in case you didn’t see it – sound up on this one. I even called my dentist, which is where the inspiration came from at my last visit, and they had nothing to do with sharing it.

According to Wikipedia viral means, an object or pattern that is able to induce some agents to replicate it, resulting in many copies being produced and spread around. So basically if you have something (like a video) and you share (or give) it to your online friends, there’s two ways to make something go viral. You can ask your friends to share it with their online community, or your video can be so good that they automatically share it and those people share it, and so forth.


One comment on “Going Viral

  1. A month ago. Well, that would be just before Christmas… lot of issues then. I’m glad you posted again. Missed it the first time. It’s a good one. My brother was a dentist. All things considered, he was gentle. And this is coming from one who gives rather than receives.

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