Success with the City – Dog Park new Rules

About a month ago, I spoke with the City Parks dept. about a concern for the safety of so many small children running around in the dog park. I was told because it is a public park, they can’t keep people out,but they would bring up my concerns at the next meeting. I created a video,put it on YouTube and write a letter to the newspaper. Yesterday a friend pointed out the very large sign on the front entrance to the dog park. Don’t know how I missed it – but I can only hope it prevents a tragedy. There are a number of other signs with rules, I only wish this one was in RED since I am a frequent visitor to the park and I missed it.

Saw a Siberian Husky there today. The owner said she brought the dog here from Puerto Rico. Small for a Husky and odd markings – did have blue eyes. Not interested in playing with other dogs, unless another Husky comes in. Here’s where she is now –

Here’s where I bet she would rather be.

In case you missed it – here’s the video I think helped.


I Love it When you Talk Back!

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