Addie – from dog park to wonderland

Nice night for sitting on a toadstool

Addie went  from  rock child,  to sitting on a bright red toadstool.


3 comments on “Addie – from dog park to wonderland

  1. I’m sure she would, but I don’t know her, or her parents, or the grandfather. Never saw them at the dog park before.

    I have other shots of the dog park on my WP – some with an owner who had two dogs. Several days later I printed out a contact sheet for him. I heard his landlord gave him a one day notice to get rid of his pitbull, a rescue who caused no problems at his mobile home park or the dog park. The poor guy was devastated, told me it was the first time he cried in 4 years. I made an 8X10 of him with his two dogs and printed it out for him. The only good thing about this story, is that he took the dog back to the Humane Society where he adopted him and they said he was so friendly and well-behaved that he would be adopted easily. I hope so.


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