Koda – California Malamute

My daughter rescued her Malamute from our Humane Society when he was about a year old. My husband and I saw him first, one floppy ear and giant paws. I called my daughter, it was love at first sight. He’s now a senior citizen, ten years old, but as frisky as a pup. And, about 130 pounds of lap dog, if you let him. Don’t ever try to do my daughter wrong – grrrrr.

My daughter did her best to keep him still, here’s a look at the dog we affectionately call, Koda-Woda.

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4 comments on “Koda – California Malamute

  1. He is her guardian and protector. Unfortunately, she never dog socialized him out of the back yard, can’t take him out on a leash. He did have a Husky, female companion who was put down a few months ago. I bring Max over, but am afraid to let the two dogs get together. He is lovable, but look at that mouth.



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