Nico the Akita comes to the park

A very playful pup, a ten month old Akita named Nico came on the scene and sat still long enough to capture. He even outweighed this Malamute, not my daughter’s dog. The little guy pictured was content to sniff the tree where dogs love to  . . . . well, you  know.

One woman came into the dog park with a very small dog in her arms, she asked whose dog was that big furry one. She didn’t want any trouble. Nico’s owner tried to assure her there would be none. You guessed it, as soon as the little dog was put down, the Akita was all over it. Even playing, a big dog like that could break something. Dogs were separated and all was okay.

Max, our nutty one, gets furious if another dog comes near the water bowl. He and another one got into a beef, as did several other dogs. Henry, the big old Rottie goes over to the scrappers and stares them down – peace is restored in the park.


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6 comments on “Nico the Akita comes to the park

  1. I am shocked that anyone would take an Akita to a dog park and leave it off lease. I had a male Akita that was professionally trained, but they can turn at the drop of a hat around other dogs, especially if it is a male that is beyond one year old. It will only take once too. They can kill pretty readily. Mine was socialized in obedience classes and they are very obedient, but one wrong move by another dog and it can be a serious situation.

  2. I here you loud and clear. Our dog goes to Big Dog Day Camp once a week and there is an Akita that also goes there. They have very strict guidelines at the Animal Keeper about the dogs that they accept. I know the Dog Whisperer also spoke about this breed and what can happen. People bring pit bulls to the dog park. Most people are regulars, but we always assess the situation, look over the breeds before we go in. My biggest concern is in regard to the people who bring in very young children and let them run around in the middle of the park while dogs are running and chasing at top speed. There is a leash law here and for us it’s the only place our dog can be off leash as we live in a second story condo with no yard available.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Great photos. There is no leash law here and there are many street dogs and also dogs that have homes but are allowed to roam the streets all day – it all makes for quite a challenging experience when we walk around the neighborhood. Most of the time it’s okay but some of the street dogs are aggressive and we sometimes get ambushed.

  4. When I was growing up in Connecticut, neighborhood dogs ran loose without any problems. O never encountered a vicious dog until I moved to California. There are far too many pit bulls and pit bull mixes here – the shelters are full of them. The worse dog here lives about 10 condos down the parking lot, he’s an American Bully Dog and the one who mauled our Max. Two-legged or 4 legged, we can get ambushed. Stay safe, my friend.


  5. We are thinking about getting a dog when we ease off on traveling. Not the type to travel with an animal…to limiting for both us and the dog. I’ve seen some boating people with dogs and the poor things are left abandoned on board all day while their owners go off doing whatever. It’s very sad.

    I have lots of investigating to do before we take the plunge. I only know not too big, short hair and no slobber; smart and with personality-plus; takes direction well and trainable. Any suggestions?

  6. A dog is a big commitment – it will change your lives in so many ways. Some wonderful, some expensive and some heartbreaking. (My daughter’s dog is critical and as of this writing, we don’t know if he will make it through the day.)

    If you’ve had a dog before then you needn’t read my take on what you are willing to do to own a woofer.

    Are you willing to kennel a dog when you travel, that can be expensive. If you travel by car, make sure the the dog you get doesn’t get car sick. You need to find a motel that will take pets.

    There are always Vet bills, keeping a dog up to date on shots, the possibility of illness, feeding your dog a high quality food – (my daughter pays around $25.00 for 50 lbs of dog food at COSTCO) we pay around $35.00 for 17lbs of all natural dog food.

    The most important thing to keep in mind is exercise, a tired dog will be a better dog. Discipline over love, that’s a tough one. If you get a dog from the Humane Society be prepared for surprises, dogs are dumped there for many reasons and you will never know their background. If you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, are you willing to put in the training time, including obedience classes?

    If any of this sounds like I’m trying to discourage you, I’m not. I wouldn’t give up Max for anything. The bond between a dog and its owners is amazing. If you still want me to make a suggestion after reading this, and you are sure you want to alter your life style, I’ll check some pups out. TB1


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