Of golf carts and hikers

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW1-hFzhhQs&feature=relatedThrough the tunnel and back to the trail, part of the way sharing  it with golf carts. The capture below made me a little dizzy when I first saw it. I bought a “Dummies Book” on digital cameras and photography – one tip said to lock your focus on your subject and then move your camera slight to the left or right – supposedly it will produce a more interesting photograph. Any thoughts? Also a video to give you a better idea of how fortunate to have so many trails in Carlsbad.


Just a few more of our walk –



5 comments on “Of golf carts and hikers

  1. The Dummies book is describing the rule of thirds. Imagine a grid on your screen with intersecting horizontal and vertical lines dividing the screen into thirds. At the intersection points of the lines – this is where the subject of interest should be. Placing the subject in the dead center is less interesting. Hence, the advice. Most sensors are set up to focus at the center of the screen, because most consumers do not follow the rule of thirds. Good luck.

  2. Hi Victor, been missing your posts. Dummies was talking about ‘locking focus’ – rule of thirds was in a different chapter. But, doing this seemed to produce something different in my poor eyes – they had an example in the book that produced the same sort of weird or dizzy result. Then again, this is a book for dummies. If I could change one thing about me, physically – it would be to have two seeing eyes – not dogs. As is, one eye is over 20/400. 

    I hadn’t seen anything from you in a long time. No notifications. For some reason, WP checked unfollow on your blog. This has happened before – corrected now. Andrea  



  3. Half the book is on camera settings – the rest is on what do do when you get our photos out of the camera ( nothing I didn’t already know – and it is for a PC not a Mac. My problem – even after reading other books, not being able to wrap my head around aperture and shutter speed, ect. Some kind of brain dysfunction with numbers, etc. Anyway, this book helped. Now if I could get a ‘good eye’ transplant, I might be better at capturing things I hardly see now. Must be a Dummies book for every subject on earth. TB1  



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