Sanford and Son this isn’t – but close

There’s no denying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The Exquisite Garden, by Joe Brubaker and his  accomplices is a build-out of – well, junk. Mostly. But then again, if you watch American Pickers, you might consider their finds to be a little reminiscent of Fred Sanford’s back yard.

Attached to the Carlsbad Library, The Canon Art Gallery brings some unique displays in its relatively small space. I was anxious to see this presentation, and to capture the rust and whatever else I could. However, it was very dim inside – I was told that the creators said that it looks better in less light. Dim, almost dark in some areas, Watch your step.  I entertained myself, managed not to  break anything and here’s hoping you find a little treasure in this display.

This video is of the collaboration on the garden in Bakersfield. Our exhibit here had different elements.


5 comments on “Sanford and Son this isn’t – but close

  1. I thought I left a comment on your post here. I have been having WPO troubles with commenting and have contacted them. They say they are working on it and did repair one problem with my blog accepting comments. I had the right setting, but it did not register. Anyway… I enjoyed this post and the art. Thanks for leaving your dog video on my blog. It is cute. I have to ask, you often have music with your videos. Is that allowed? Or is Vimeo not as bad as YouTube on this?
    I now cannot leave the comment through Green Apples, had to go to GWGT. What a pain!

  2. Here’s hoping you get this – I purchased a lot of music, and sound effects that I can use for my videos on ebay Don’t use VIMEO – but I know that Youtube will report unauthorized use of copyright music, sometimes they will leave it on if there is no intent to profit from it. Have about 46 videos on Youtube. I may send you something at your roadrunner email.

    WP can have its issues . . .


  3. Thanks for the response. You are right, the message did not come through. It just showed your blog and that you responded to a comment. Usually, it prints the response, but did not. I like video with music, but the laws are CRAZY on this. Photos can be copied willy nilly, but just try to post a song and you end up in court I bet. I used YouTube on GWGT and made the video with music, but figured they would not allow it. Weird too, because the bands get all kinds of free publicity if they would consent. But I realize it is the record companies and not the bands for the most part.

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