She came to the Bike Blessing

The Bike Blessing is an annual event put on by Bikers for Christ. This is the tenth year, a decade of, mostly Harley’s  roaring in to enjoy the bands, food, camaraderie, merchants and prayer – along with renewal of wedding vows and people watching

I’ve been to most, do the media stuff and capture shots for our monthly newsletter, BFC website and often a Youtube video.  The event starts at noon, is held on a side street in an industrial park – on the asphalt, and on a bright sunny day, it can be very hot. Actually, the weather last Sunday was perfect! It had rained for two days before, it has never rained on a Bike Blessing Rally.

I had parked my car on another street, as only bikes are parked on the rally site. As I turned to walk down the street, a strange figure was hanging on behind a fence some distance away. I couldn’t  tell if it was male or female – but snapped a quick shot and went on my way. I didn’t realize until I loaded my shots of the day on my mac that the person behind the fence was the homeless woman I had been caught up in capturing as she sat in the first row of seats in front of the band area.

I never saw her speak to anyone, I sat one seat away and took pictures, she never looked at me, even when I touched her arm. She was given a plate of food and had something in a plastic bag. Weathered, it was hard to tell her age.










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