Bike Blessing in red, white & blue leather

Some people catch your eye, and one very tall guy in red, white and blue leathers from head to toe, stood out – and above the rest. A Vietnam Vet, he attracted his share of attention. He asked me to take his picture with his camera, he wanted to be in front of a large red trailer – yikes. Way too much red, but it was about the only bare space open. One of the photographers from Quick Throttle Magazine also grabbed a few shots. The name on his business card was Rayray – and he was certainly shining in all that leather.

I sent him the close-ups, he replied he never had any taken.  He was quite happy with his new shots.

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Then there was this guy.


3 comments on “Bike Blessing in red, white & blue leather

  1. Hi Victor, Yes, a good time was had by all. There are always a few interesting characters, not as many as you snap up in NY – but we have our share. The sad thing was, that the rally was mean to help with medical bills for a 6 month-old with liver cancer – the child died before the rally, but his parents will still need our help.


  2. Hi! You won a Frosty Paws Prize Pack! Please send me your email address! You can email to Rumpydog at hotmail dot com or on Facebook thru my page. Thanks!

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