Max does the Weave – kitty Cat Style

Not long ago our dog Max started a habit of weaving between my legs when I was sitting in an office chair or on the coffee table. This was something I know cats do, but had never experienced this with our rescue.  Cats have scent glands on their heads and cheeks and by rubbing against things, like furniture, door frames, and even you, they are distributing their scent and marking you as theirs. Was this what was happening after two years of ownership? Love delayed?

The first time this weaving happened I laughed at Max and called him “Kitty Cat.”  For some weird reason, at least in my mind, he liked the sound. It could also be that he liked  that he received a good scratching on his croup, which is the top of the rump of a dog, horse etc. After a few more times of this weaving, and me saying Kitty Cat, Max now comes and performs his little routine whenever I say,” Do Kitty Cat.”  On his own, he’s added a “sit stay” between my legs for a good massage after the coup de’scratch.   The final event is a head rub which puts him down on all fours, then a  roll over for a belly rub.

Spoiled? I don’t know, he does go to Big Dog Camp once a week, gets a bath there when needed and will be getting a Paw Pad treatment and nail job shortly. It’s good to be a dog . . . 

Max goes to the Animal Keeper in Oceanside, CA, about 5 minutes from home.


They say dog’s brains don’t have the capacity to ‘love’ – but actually it’s  bonding, pure and simple. I am willing to bet that most dog owners would disagree about puppy love. What about you?


4 comments on “Max does the Weave – kitty Cat Style

  1. Go figure. My dog used to eat grass like a cow. I never did understand it. It’s didn’t hurt so she continued to eat grass occasionally.

  2. Tall person was in a pet shop yesterday and the dog that lives in the shop was doing exactly what you describe. Very cat like and quite unusual behaviour for a dog.

  3. It’s a picture I found online – I don’t think it would be a problem at all since no faces are shown. Thanks for stopping by. See you on Facebook.

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