Paws, Pearls and Texas Gold

Living in a second story condo with a small back patio leaves only pot farming. Now, don’t get too excited, it’s just that potted plants are our only option.

This morning I decided to capture a few of our latest purchases from a lovely little nursery –  Buena Creek Gardens in San Marcos, CA – a place I never would have visited had there not been a generous “Deal of the Day coupon.”

We had never see a Kangaroo Paw, or as some call it, a Joey. Known by those in the know, it’s a “Anigozanthos flavidus” ours is red. This plant grows so fast I swear I can watch it inch its way skyward. It’s very velvety, or fuzzy.  The other day, previous post, we went just a few miles from home and lo and behold, they had tons of Paws, bright yellow and begging to be potted somewhere.  I may go back . . . they were only $7.00 a piece.

Our patio Paw – everyone needs a Joey

               Something that really caught my eye was the String of Pearls, which look more like plump, succulent peas. Had to have this one, one more  plant I found at the local Home Depot nursery yesterday. Our  Pearls – or peas as I like to call them – or you could show off your expertise and call them “Senecio rowleyanus.

And finally, the

Calylophus hartwegii – or Texas Gold, which I thought referred to oil in the ground in that  great State.

Another String of Pearls . . .



2 comments on “Paws, Pearls and Texas Gold

  1. I believe you can grow this inside – since it recommends bringing it in before temps get into the low 40s. It’s used to the heat – maybe a sunny window. Good luck.


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