A walk on the prickly side

 From now until it rains in Southern CA, which may not happen until December,       the land is dry and blossoms can be beautiful, but prickly. Where golf courses are manicured and residences are watered, there will be green – at a price. The botanical gardens, the zoos and some commercial properties will pay the high cost of water to keep up appearances. While we are browned out on our trails, Florida is getting more rain in a day than we get in a year.

Evidence of gang activity? Or just another dumb tagger marking his territory on a trail marker.


3 comments on “A walk on the prickly side

  1. From where I’m presently located I don’t even see cacti. I will soon start to blog from a new location where it never rains and the weather is hot or hotter. I envy your cacti and their flowers.

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