From Keynote, to PowerPoint to iPhoto to iMovie to .mov!

Sometimes a project can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Working across platforms, using multiple programs, I finally got the project completed in PowerPoint. But, not having this on my Mac, I had to start in Keynote and convert it to PowerPoint, then load it on my husband’s PC – where it didn’t look close to what I had. Getting a little time on the PC wasn’t helping.

Eventually, I purchased PowerPoint for my Mac and hoped for the best. It played fine on hubby’s PC and on the PC for the woman who needed it for a City Council meeting. Unfortunately the person running the PP at the City Council meeting didn’t know how to get the music to play on their projector, although during a trail run at city hall, it was fine.

Well, the organization needed a video – and each time I tried to convert PP to .mov, it shut down the program. I hate Microsoft! Finally, I sent the PP to iPhoto, where that’s all I got – photos. But, here I was able to make a slide show, add transitions and music. From there I was able to export it as a .mov – add a few more things and load it on Youtube. Always a work-around – but where there’s a will – THERE’S A MAC!


I Love it When you Talk Back!

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