Puppy Love at 5

So Max is not a puppy, although he acts like one around my daughter. As soon as he hears her Land Cruiser drive in, he starts whining and wagging, so excited to see her. It’s not as if she doesn’t visit often, we only live 6 miles apart – and he does get to go to her house. But she has a new dog and we haven’t put them together at home. We did have a meet and greet under supervision at The Animal Keepers where Max goes to camp.

As soon as my daughter arrives, Max is all over her. Wherever she sits, he’s in her lap. If she sits on the daybed, he will jump up for a minute, jump down, run the length of the living room and run lickety-split back on her lap. He will do this over and over. When she leaves he watches  every spin of the tires and has a hang-dog look, at least he doesn’t cry any more when she leaves.

He also has a boy crush on my grandson, and will do the same lap dance. Should I be jealous? I feed Max, he sleeps with me and I walk with him and hubby on the trails. He gets plenty of belly rubs and back scratches from me.  But, I will admit – hubby is his pack leader, he drives the car and takes him to the dog park at 7AM. Max is at the door right now whining – hubby went for a haircut and didn’t take him along.

Dogs are truly a blessing –  “Hug Your Pup Today” should be an official holiday. If you’re thinking of getting a dog, do what we did, visit your local animal shelters – there’s love waiting for you.

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