Grandma – I need help!

Lately there’s been an uptick in the Grandma telephone scam. A young person calls you pretending to be a loved one, this also happens to parents, the kid is  in jail and needs money. They are in a foreign country and so much has happened – you must wire money immediately.  Rather than explain the entire  scenario, this you tube below will tell it all.

I had one of these calls several months ago – a young man called and said, “Hello, Grandma – so you know who this is? ” Well, I hadn’t heard from one adult grandson in a long time, one who, sad to say gets in deep. Anyway, it didn’t take but a few seconds for me to realize this was a scam. But, I was curious to see how far he’d go with the story. I kept him on the line, giving me one sob story after another on why he needed money right away. It would have been a good “Locked Up Abroad” segment on NatGeo. After I knew he felt he was close to reeling me in, I asked him a question.

“Before I help you, I forgot the name of your DOG.”  I had the last laugh as he hung up.  But too many unsuspecting seniors and parents are losing thousands of dollars to this scam.  One of the ways they get the names of your children or grandchildren, is on FACEBOOK. Be careful how much info you post.


6 comments on “Grandma – I need help!

  1. Hahaha! I bet that caller was sorry he called the wrong person.

    I don’t think this scam’s still going to work. With all the warnings posted at consumer complaint sites such as, along with the efforts of the authorities to spread awareness among everybody, as well as the continuous updates from articles such as what we have here, these scammers barely stand a chance.

  2. You would be surprised at how many of the single, elderly fall for all kinds of scams. So many are lonely, and will talk with anyone – and may not be computer savvy. Not only phone scams, but too many answer their door when a stranger rings the bell. It might be some religious group or someone checking out the house. Happens all the time.

    A friend told me that her nine-year-old son answers the door and then calls her if she is outside or upstairs. He’s so out-going and will talk to anyone. “STRANGER-DANGER” NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT TO ALL CHILDREN. They don’t have a security screen door – needs one of those.


  3. People will try anything, won’t they? Very sad when older people become the victims of such scams. In my great grandmother’s day it was door to door salesman. Apparently she used to buy all sorts of stuff as she just liked the company.

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