DNSChanger: God is my Firewall – Doomsday or not . . .

DNSChanger: No, the Internet Isn’t Shutting Down on Monday | Techland | TIME.com. or is it?

Last night a friend called, a hint of panic in her voice. Had I head of the Doomsday malware going to strike millions of people in the USA? Was I protected, did I have a good system in place. Her voice became more agitated as I remained calm, cool and unafraid. She added, “Mac’s” can get it too, you better do something.”  Wow, was the house on fire, had Iran bombed  Israel off the map and were we next? I know the TV news is bad, more reason to watch reruns of Gunsmoke, maybe I should call Marshall Dillon or Fesus to get to these cyber bullies.

My thoughts went immediately to the Millennium bug,Y2K as it was called. People headed for the hills, stockpiled food and supplies. Then it happened! The ball dropped in Times Square and all was right with the world – and  my computer.

“Well,  all your personal information could be stolen, you buy on-line, I know you do.” Friend was getting more frustrated with me. As if stealing a person’s identity was anything new. Sure, some thieves paw through your trash and steal you name, rank and social security number, others are just more technically savvy and paw through your computer.

I would not want to be a victim of the DNS changer, but this is not the end of my world. Some thought their life was over when Twitter went down,  some when they were unfriended  on Facebook  or they went over their  limit in text messages.

That day will come for all of us when we are no more.  A time when God calls us home,  as there is a  season for all things. In the meantime, I will live my life the best I can, help where I am able, forgive and forget and not worry when hackers convince technology to rear it’s ugly side. It may be frustrating, so get the good book and relax. God is my Firewall – is He yours?


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