Thumbs Up – Friday Drabble


Please, don’t bother me    

No peeking!

Don’t you get it?

I’m practicing,


My digits are my fortune.



My life is in my hands,

My thumbs to be exact.

No wrestling

With these opposable ones.


Dismiss that thought.



Olympic material

That’s my desire

Too carry this sport

As the torchbearer


For generations forth.



Nimble, nimble as I go

The letters fly, the hashtags limited.

My thumb drive’s in turbo

With only two phalanges


I love this most preaxial digit.



But some would question,

Is the thumb a finger

A commoner in rank?

Or kingly does it stand

Upon this texter’s hand?


America’s fastest fingers: 17-year-old boy wins US National Texting Championship – YouTube.



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