The lowly burger and economic reality . . .

Last week as I perused the meat case, I noticed the price of lean ground beef to be $4.99 a pound! I asked the butcher if there was a less expensive choice, he pointed to the least lean beef. Wow, what a savings, only $4.69 a pound! So, 4 quarter pounders, minus the bun, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, mayo and whatever you might add – $1.16 a patty.

I’m sure that Smashburger prices will soar.I’m more of 2 half-ponders myself, but am thinking of making 3, 5.1 ounce patties if this increase keeps on. The same store sells 3 boleo rolls, which are good but airy, for $1.19 -$4.76 a dozen.

The BLS started tracking the price of lean and extra lean ground beef in 1991. Between then and January 2009, its price rose at the same rate as overall inflation, climbing from $2.184 per pound to $3.426. But since January 2009, the average price for a pound of lean or extra lean ground beef has outpaced overall inflation–rising from$3.426 to $4.118.

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  1. Meat in the Middle East is very lean… to the point where it’s too dry. More fat lowers the price per pound. I do love a juicy burger though.

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